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Our assortment includes over 800 products and will be expandet continuosly.

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Our team is there for you – for any question.

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Brand awareness becomes big at Bestpoint. Bestpoint is the registered trademark of our company.

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Sustainability and protection of ressoures are main aims of PSM Bestpoint GmbH. In cooperation with ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria) the separate collection, utilization and removal of packaging waste will be handled in the ARA System.

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Especially at international sales it´s important, to know every special guideline, to protect our customers.

Brand awareness becomes big at Bestpoint.

We see ourselfes as scouts in trend research. Our strengh is finding the right products, as well as having the fitting logistic. Our main customers are big retailers, paper- and stationery wholesalers, grocery stores, furniture shops, drugstores and way more.

We are specialists in every import- and export-matters. Thanks to our experience since over 40 years in the fareast business we have excellent contacs to the best asian producers.