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Our assortment includes over 800 products and is constantly extended.

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Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Brand awareness is written in capital letters at Bestpoint. Bestpoint is the registered trademark of our company.

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In cooperation with ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria) the separate collection, utilization and removal of packaging waste will be handled in the ARA System.

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Particularly in international trade it is important to pay attention to certain guidelines and thus to attach particular emphasis to the protection of the end customer.

Brand awareness is written in capital letters at Bestpoint.

We are the “Scouts” in the trend research. Our strength is to have the right logistics as well as the right product sourcing. Among our regular customers are retail chains, paper and stationery wholesalers, food discounters, building and furniture stores and drugstores.


We are specialists in all import and export issues. Due to our experience for over 40 years in the Far East business we have excellent contacts to the best Asian manufacturers.