Sustainability and resource conservation are central corporate goals of PSM Bestpoint GmbH.
In cooperation with the ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria), the separate collection, recycling and disposal of packaging waste is promoted and practiced in the ARA system.
In this way, PSM Bestpoint GmbH can save more than 53 tons of CO2 annually and make an active contribution to environmental protection. In addition, PSM Bestpoint GmbH fulfils the requirements of the Packaging Ordinance. The close cooperation between ARA and PSM Bestpoint GmbH also benefits the customers and consumers of PSM Bestpoint GmbH: they can rely on the disposal possibilities of ARA.

ARA is responsible in Austria for the efficient and cost-effective collection, disposal and recycling of all packaging materials. Every year, ARA and all its partners in Austria can save more than 670,000 tonnes of CO2 – a great success, but one that can still be optimised.